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A downloadable game for Windows

A cursed scroll has set the wind to blow from east, west, south and north,  moving the camera in different directions.


Moverse - WASD / Arrows / Stick izquierdo (mando XBOX 360)

Saltar -  O/Z/Space/ A Button (XBOX 360 controller)

Cerrar el juego :( - Manten presionado ESCAPE unos segundos


Carla L. R. - Arte, dise帽o, creaci贸n de la portada y del personaje, efectos de sonido

脫scar R. B. (@chocoboflo) - Programaci贸n, m煤sica, dise帽o y animaci贸n.

Jam-Postmortem edit:

El tiempo que en un principio teniamos planificado para calibrar la dificultad, tuvo que ser invertido en corregir ciertos bugs. El resultado es una inexistente curva de dificultad; a veces es demasiado f谩cil y otras demasiado dificil.

Pero nos ha encantado la idea y las posibilidades que tiene. Queremos pulirlo, y a帽adir todo el mont贸n de ideas que se quedaron fuera (distintos (隆muchos!) tipos de plataformas, powerups, y efectos). As铆 como generar un mapa de forma procedural en condiciones.

Si te ha gustado (aunque sea un pel铆n) el juego, te animo a que te animes a seguirlo y echarle un ojo. Va a mejorar mucho.

Gracias por echarle un vistazo y jugarlo!


More information

Published 12 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorOscarla Experience


Harry Hurry Up (x32).rar (13 MB)
Harry Hurry Up (x64).rar (15 MB)


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Deleted post

Hi fetralvien!

The score was meant to count the time you last in a single game. But we realized after uploading that it doesn't reset to 0 when you die :(. The game was for a jam, and we didn't have the time to reupload the game again.

We will fix it and add a more interesting score system, with some things we din't have the time to implement.

Thanks for playing and for your comment! :)

Deleted post

I like this very much!

Your classic jump-side-scroller visually influenced by Hotline Miami. Even though the gameplay follows a very basic objective, controls feel comfortable and its fun to play.

A very promising start, keep going guys!

Thanks a lot for playing and for the kind comment! 

Yes, we didn't had the time to polish the game as we would have wanted, there are a lot of features that we didn't had the time to implement, like a lot of different platforms with different effects, powerups, and of course, a better map/platform generation.

But we ended loving the idea and all the possibilities it could have, so we will continue with the game! :D

Thanks again! :)